Cut Out the Bulk: How to Bundle Up Babies & Toddlers Safely in Car Seats

The Isis Cozy Cover fits snugly over an infant car seat without affecting the safety of the harness.

These past couple of weeks have made it obvious that winter is here, and chillier weather means it’s time to put on the layers!

That is, unless you’re traveling in a car seat.

When your little one is in any type of car seat (infant, convertible or booster), you want to cut out the bulk so you don’t impact the safety of the car seat. During the colder months, it is crucial that the car seat harness straps fit as snugly as possible against an infant or toddler’s chest. In colder weather, if he wears too many layers or bulky clothing, the straps don’t fit properly and he isn’t as safe as he could be.

So how do you keep your infant safe and warm? We recommend trying the Isis Cozy Cover. Unlike other car seat covers on the market, this does not put a layer of insulation under baby in the car seat. They are constructed with Polartec Classic 200 weight fleece for the perfect amount of warmth without bulk and they go over the bucket car seat making transportation from inside to outside to the car quick, fast and safe, as the harness is adjusted before the cover is applied. Most importantly, they allow straps to fit snugly against the baby’s chest for maximum safety.

But what about toddlers? They are no longer riding in their infant bucket seats, but it’s still crucial that the straps fit tightly against their chest. Dress your toddler in layers initially – that way you can get them to the car with their jacket on to keep them warm, but as soon as you get in the car, remove the jacket. Having them wear a layer of fleece is a good idea because the fleece will keep them warm without adding bulk in between them and the harness. Once they are buckled, you could try putting the jacket on backwards. (Though if your toddler is anything like mine, this may not go over well!) In that case try blankets! Both my six-year old and my 19-month old love to cover up with a blanket on a cold winter day, especially if it’s in the car, and especially if I warm them up in the dryer before we leave the house.

Having your infant or toddler wear a hat and gloves will also help keep them warm while traveling in the car on a cold winter day.
Stay warm and stay safe!


About Teresa Stewart MS MPH

Teresa Stewart is the Program Manager of Sleep Support and Safety at Isis Parenting and has been a proud member of the Isis team since 2007. Teresa holds a MS in Child Development from Wheelock College and an MPH in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University School of Public Health. She is certified by the American Heart Association as a CPR and First Aid instructor. Teresa is a member of the Safe Kids Boston Coalition and MassPinn (Massachusetts Prevents Injuries Now Network). She combines her areas of expertise to help parents understand why our children do the mysterious things they do and how to keep them healthy and safe. Teresa also supports parents around sleep through her work as an Isis Sleep Consultant and co-contributor to Sleep from Birth to One Year, from the Isis Online Parenting School. She recently presented at the Zero to Three’s National Training Institute on the Isis Sleep Support Program. Teresa is the mother of a school-aged daughter and toddler son and understands the joys and challenges of parenting.

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  1. Mimi L.
    September 8, 2010 | 4:47 pm

    Great idea! I especially love the idea of having the baby strapped in first…

  2. Maya
    September 8, 2010 | 5:15 pm

    I think it’s great to get the word out there about safe car seat practices! I would love to see something like this for toddlers and bigger kids. A poncho would be great!

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