Why I’m Passionate about the New NuRoo Pocket

The new NuRoo Pocket is a unique multi-use product designed for skin-to-skin contact with your newborn.

There aren’t really that many products I truly feel passionate about.

I could probably count them on one hand. Hmm. After thinking about it, maybe two hands. And I’m happy to do so, but not in this blog.
(But okay, since you asked: Simple Wishes Bustier, Manhattan Toy Winkel, a Food Mill, Back Jack Chairs, Nursing Tanks, Medela Freestyle Breastpump, Dohm White Noise Sleeping Machine, a Rody, Radio Flyer Walker Wagon, Magic Merlin Sleep Suit, ABC Isis Super Swaddle Blanket, HobaCare Organic Jojoba Oil, Gymnic Classic Exercise Ball, Mustela Hydra Stick, Angel Dear Lovey, and… damn. I should open a store. Oh. Wait.)

I’m adding another to that list: The NüRoo Pocket

Here are four reasons why I love, love, love this brand new product:

1. Skin to Skin for Parents and Preemies

The NüRoo Pocket is one of the only products truly designed to be completely NICU-friendly, allowing safe and uninterrupted Kangaroo Care for tiny preemies. Various secret openings allow nurses access for lines and monitors, and baby’s face is visualized the entire time.

Skin to skin care has many (many!) evidence-based benefits for baby (brain development, weight gain, heart and breathing regulation) and for mom (milk production, postpartum recovery) – these things are especially important for preemies, but are highly beneficial for every newborn or young infant. Skin to skin care is not just for premature babies, but when used in the NICU setting, the NüRoo gives a new mom a comfortable, discreet Kangaroo Care experience.

2. Truly the Perfect First Baby Carrier: Safer Babywearing from Newborn to 15 lbs

It’s quick, easy and secure and very simple to use, which helps new moms feel more confident with babywearing and soothing. Learning to use a wrap or ring sling can feel overwhelming to a new mom, and the inserts needed for soft structured carriers add a lot of bulk. Young babies need to be held, cuddled close and kept moving so much of the time! It’s important for a new mom to be able to put her baby into a carrier swiftly, easily and safely positioned. This carrier is designed specifically for tiny newborns through about 3-4 months – it’s rated to 15 lbs. Use it as a baby carrier, but at home, take advantage of the ability for true skin-to-skin babywearing, which helps with breastfeeding and milk production.

3. It feels sooooo good to wear baby in this “garment”

I’m a chronic baby-wearer and advocate, both personally and professionally. For about twenty years, I’ve had the persistent desire to scoop up young babies and pop them in a sling. And I’ve always looked at various objects (scarves, bags, backpacks) and pieces of clothing and said “wow, I could make a baby carrier out of that!” (and, frankly, have been known to do so, with varying levels of success…)  This is exactly the shirt/system I’ve created “makeshift” several times in the past. Baby slipped inside a snug stretchy shirt, then safely secured by the tails of a sweater or over shirt. And, like magic, here it is.

I’m calling it a baby carrier, but it’s really a shirt (and fashionable, at that). Stretchy, lightweight fabric feels comfortable on, but once you have baby in the pocket and secure the waist-band support belt snugly, it truly feels wonderful. You can run your hands over that sweet baby bump and with your baby cuddled so close, secure and content, look down and kiss that sweet head, then go take a walk or make a sandwich in the kitchen.

4. I’ve watched it grow and develop – and now, be born!

The NüRoo Pocket is the result of several years of hard work, research and love by two Rhode Island mamas Daniela and Hope (moms, health care providers, and kangaroo care/skin to skin specialists), who asked to meet with me at Isis almost 18 months ago. I admit to being initially skeptical (Do we really need another baby carrier? Do we need a garment designed to facilitate skin to skin care?), but after seeing the early prototypes, I fell in love with their vision. And over the past year, they’ve returned again and again to show updated prototypes, discuss features and fabrics, and bring samples for me to try and weigh in on. Several months ago, when I finally saw the end result, I was blown away. This is the perfect product for safe, easy newborn and infant babywearing, and a wonderful gift for a mom with a baby in the NICU.

Come in to one of our centers and try this shirt/garment/baby carrier on. Add it to your registry, or pick it up as a gift for the brand new mom in your life. I know you’ll be a believer too. Let me know what you think – really!

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About Nancy Holtzman RN IBCLC CPN

Nancy is a Vice President at Isis Parenting and leads Clinical Content. As one of the original co-founders, she was instrumental in the creation of many prenatal and new parent programs at Isis Parenting, helping to develop the Isis vision in its earliest stages. Nancy has over 25 years of clinical nursing experience including ten years at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, and is a mother/baby nurse educator, a board certified lactation consultant and board certified pediatric nurse. She is the founder of the Great Beginnings New Mothers Group series which has now reached over 10,000 Boston-area mothers. She speaks and writes for a national audience about breastfeeding and infant development, and has served on the board of MLCA, the Massachusetts Lactation Consultants Association. She received a BS from Northeastern University College of Nursing, and a Certificate in Advanced Pediatric Assessment from Boston College. Nancy lives in Boston with her husband, two teens and a rescued Bichon. Find her tweeting about all about babies at @nancyholtzman

3 Responses to Why I’m Passionate about the New NuRoo Pocket
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  2. D Parmelee
    November 20, 2013 | 10:56 am

    As a second time mom, I was challenged to find time for skin to skin contact with my newborn. I was thrilled when Nancy Holtzman at Isis Parenting lent me the NuRoo Pocket on a trial basis.

    The NuRoo Pocket offered an ideal solution; I wore it anytime (around the house, on a walk, and even once; to a parent meeting at my older child’s school). My infant snuggled right in and was very content to rest; allowing me to feel connected with him while providing attention to my preschooler.

    I loved being able to feel “dressed” in something that is flattering and comfortable while also not having to think about lugging along a carrier (though I am a fan of of my carriers as well!)

    My only quibble with the Pocket is that it can be a bit too warm in the summer months if you’d like to walk outside. Perhaps this was the combination of post-birth hormones + warm baby pressed against me as well.

    A few recommendations to others who use this product:

    1) If you can, try it on first with your infant so that you ensure that you are getting the right size. This will enable you to feel comfortable and “trendy” while wearing it. It’s probably safest for your baby too!

    2) Don’t be afraid to wear it without other clothes underneath! The velcro is very secure; I never had an issue with it popping open/undone. Plus, this keeps you cooler and maximizes the skin to skin exposure.

    3) Have someone help you put it on the first time. It’s always nerve-wracking to get used to putting your wriggly, noodle-ly baby into something new. My husband was able to help me get the velcro and belt in just the right place so that we were both comfortable and warm. Once I knew what it felt like when it was on correctly, I was able to duplicate this myself in future uses.

    As fas as I’m concerned, this is a fantastic product and I’ve been recommending it to others!

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