Parent Q&A: Safe Crib for Baby

Sleeping babyJason 6 weeksQ: “We’re starting to research products for our baby, can you recommend a safe crib brand?” – Pilar D.

A: Actually, all cribs sold in the US must all follow the same safety standards. I’d suggest choosing a crib based on the price and style that suits you best. Sign up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to receive notices on infant/child product recalls, and make sure to always send in your product registration card for your crib, car seat, stroller and other big baby gear. The product registration will allow the manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall or retro-fix needed. Recalls on baby products are quite common.

It’s also helpful to know that a bedside co-sleeper, or a combo “play yard” with bassinet topper, may be most convenient and all that’s needed for the first 3 to 4 months. Read more about recent new mandatory requirements for play yard safety in our blog post, New Play Yard Standards. The AAP suggests that baby sleep nearby to his parents’ bed  (but on a separate sleep surface) during the first six months, as part of their Sleep Safety and SIDS reduction guidelines.
We have a lot more info about newborn and infant sleep including products, safety and tips for daytime and nighttime sleep in our online sleep class, Sleep from Birth to One Year.

Nancy Holtzman, RN BSN IBCLC CPN
VP Clinical Content & eLearning

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Nancy is a Vice President at Isis Parenting and leads Clinical Content. As one of the original co-founders, she was instrumental in the creation of many prenatal and new parent programs at Isis Parenting, helping to develop the Isis vision in its earliest stages. Nancy has over 25 years of clinical nursing experience including ten years at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, and is a mother/baby nurse educator, a board certified lactation consultant and board certified pediatric nurse. She is the founder of the Great Beginnings New Mothers Group series which has now reached over 10,000 Boston-area mothers. She speaks and writes for a national audience about breastfeeding and infant development, and has served on the board of MLCA, the Massachusetts Lactation Consultants Association. She received a BS from Northeastern University College of Nursing, and a Certificate in Advanced Pediatric Assessment from Boston College. Nancy lives in Boston with her husband, two teens and a rescued Bichon. Find her tweeting about all about babies at @nancyholtzman

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