Your Growing Child

Eight Reasons You Need to Take Toddler CPR and Safety

Boy with broken arm

Tweet My son is two and a half. He is adventurous. He loves to jump and run and climb on everything. There are daily bumps and bruises, but we recently had our first ER visit for him due to a head-injury. Head wounds often look worse than they are since the head bleeds a lot….

Gift Ideas for Parents of a Premature Baby


Tweet We asked Isis Parents, “What things would you put in a gift basket for a friend with a premature baby in the NICU?” Here are some of the great ideas you suggested: Simple Wishes pumping bra is the number one thing if they are pumping, Medela Steam bags for sanitizing pump parts, snacks like…

Safe Sleep Reminders for Winter Weather


Tweet It’s really cold outside! You may be turning up the heat, wearing more layers, or bundling up with an extra blanket at night to stay warm; but please remember that if you have an infant younger than one, these practices can actually put your baby at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. One of…

Helping Baby Deal with Changes in Routine over the Holidays

Demanding Baby

Tweet It’s easy for everyday routines to be disrupted over the busy holiday weeks. Travel, visitors, parties, new decorations, changes in childcare or playgroup routines, plus alterations in meals, nap and bedtime routines may result in both excitement and stress for infants, toddlers and parents. Some simple steps may help to maintain a sense of…

Choosing a Preschool for your Child: What are the Options?

Toddlers helping and sharing in the playroom

Tweet As your wandering tot begins to turn into a more inquisitive toddler, you may be starting to think about preschool options for your child. There can be a lot of pressure to attend ‘this school’ or ‘that school’ as you prepare your child for entering school-age programs, but the most important thing to remember…

Baby Brain Connection: Parenting for Early Childhood Literacy


Tweet Dear Parents, From the very minute that your precious child is born, you are your baby’s 1st teacher.  Research shows that the first year of life is a critical period in helping infants become aware of language. Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly. His brain is making many connections as he learns about his…

Honestly…How was your Thanksgiving with the kids?

amanda and family for thanksgiving

Tweet Walking in to work on the Monday after Thanksgiving, we are typically asked the question, “Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?” The answer is typically, “Oh yes, we had a really good time. It was so nice to be surrounded by family and friends.” Well, for me, this was my Thanksgiving: This year, I…

Shaping a Baby’s Brain: What’s Going On In There and Why?


Tweet These days, my predominant state of mind is sheer exhaustion, punctuated by moments of pure joy. I bet all you parents can relate to this feeling. I am the very fortunate mom of a four-month-old girl and a three-year-old boy. Days and nights are a blur of feedings, diaper changes, trying to get the…