Great Beginnings: What Moms Are Saying Part Two

In part one of this series, Great Beginnings: What Moms Are Saying, Isis Mom Erin shared with us her experience having her first baby and joining a Great Beginnings Group at Isis. Over the years, the group of friends Erin and her son, Tyler, met, have kept in touch, and in this post they share their experiences in the class and what they gained from it as new mothers.

How did Great Beginnings impact your experience as a new mom?

7733_144981202163_5291656_n“Looking back on my first few months as a new mommy, I CANNOT imagine having gone through such a transformative experience without the support of my Great Beginnings group. Having our meetings and lunch dates to look forward to week after week made those sleepless nights so much more bearable. The little things I would have anxiety about walking into class (nursing, sleep, my body, hubby, baby poop!, etc…), I would wind up laughing about in class.” – Lyn S.

“Being a new mom is fun, scary, joyous all at the same time. It can also become very lonely once all the excitement of baby’s arrival has quieted down. Every new mom has a unique situation, a colic baby that is driving the exhausted mom nuts, breastfeeding problems, work issues – should I still work, quit, go part time, an over helpful mother-in-law or a not so helpful husband – the list is long. We had an amazing instructor, Marena, who guided us through some very tough questions and challenges that motherhood brought for us. What a relief it was to unload ourselves in our cozy little group, shed embarrassment and ask for advice and freely praise each other’s efforts – we were all in this together!! We came to know each other and at such a delicate and vulnerable time of our life. The love and support that went around then made strong bonds between us that continue to grow and strengthen.” – Pramila

Joint 1st bday party pic

Celebrating our 1st birthdays at a joint party.

“The Great Beginnings Class helped me navigate through those first few months of being a first time Mom. It was a friendly, safe and encouraging environment. The first time I publicly nursed my baby was during class. The ten of us really bonded and often would go to lunch after class. We are all still great friends and still share ideas and get advice from each other. I am so blessed to have these women and their families in my life!” – Susan

some GB friends and their little siblings

Four years after our Great Beginnings Group with some younger siblings in tow!

“I signed up for Great Beginnings because a colleague of mine had mentioned that it would be fun to join the class together. I was hesitant because I am a private person by nature! I joined Great Beginnings when my son was only 3 weeks old and I remember feeling overwhelmed by everything. The thought of going out to lunch on that first day seemed like an impossible task but with the comfort and support of the other new moms that I had just met, I immediately felt safe. I did not know this at the time, but I was suffering from Post Partum Depression that lasted the whole first year of my son’s life. I had a hard time going out to do simple errands and I even had a hard time communicating with my family.  But I looked forward to my Great Beginnings class every week and I never said no when my new mom friends called to invite me and my son out for a play date. These moms gave me constant support and courage. I am thankful that Isis offered this class.” – Sofia

“I took the Great Beginnings class when my first son was 5 weeks old. I was so lost and scared and unsure of what to do with this little human and this class was a beacon in the churning sea of new mommyhood. Marena was our teacher and she held her hands out to rescue me and the other moms in the class from drowning in our uncertainties. We all bonded immediately and have been great friends ever since. Even more fun has been watching our kids play and grow together. This class was amazing and it should be a must for all first-time moms!” – Rebecca

“I had a wonderful experience in my Isis Great Beginnings class. As a new mom, there are so many joys, anxieties, and questions that come up and it was truly amazing to have a group of people going through the same experience at the same time. People from my group are spread out geographically and I remember wondering if we’d manage to keep in touch or not. In the end, we did more than keep in touch. This group of awesome momma-friends has joint birthday parties for the kids, plans fun kid outings, hosts moms’ nights out…And they are the most open, honest group I know when it comes to the fun and the challenges of each parenting stage. I’m so glad we can all experience this together.  I tell all my friends who are becoming parents for the first time that they have to join a Great Beginnings group.” – Kara

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