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Year round, you’ll find that each Isis Parenting location in Boston has a designated collection area for gently used baby clothing, books, toys and other essential items for Room to Grow. This month, several of our generous vendors will be participating in our Give Thanks Donation Drive to help stock the shelves at Room to Grow giving the children they work with a strong foundation during the critical first three years of development. In the spirit of the Give Thanks Drives, we’ve asked Room to Grow and some of our participating vendors to tell us how they give back to the community.

Room to GrowThe mission of Room to Grow is to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development. Parents expecting a baby are referred to Room to Grow by selected prenatal programs assisting low-income families. Upon their referral, parents visit Room to Grow’s warm and inviting space once every three months from just before the birth of the baby until their child turns three. During one-on-one appointments with staff social workers, typically lasting two hours, parents receive developmental information, customized support, and all of the needed baby items to ensure a healthy and secure start for their child.

Isis Parenting plays an integral role in making Room to Grow successful. By serving as a permanent collection site at each of its locations, Room to Grow is able to access a community of parents who are generous and eager to donate baby essentials their children have outgrown to pass along to a baby being raised in poverty. Isis delivers all contributions directly to Room to Grow allowing the organization to immediately sort and prepare the items for families in need.

gunapodGunamuna, What is your company’s mission?

Gunamuna’s mission is to be a champion for both babies and parents, committed to making a profound difference by having an obsessive focus on the actual needs AND wants of both the baby and parent. We adhere to the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CPSIA and the British Safety Standard. Each gunapod is made with the unique WONDERiP which provides easier diaper change, no overheating, and a more comfortable fit. Easier Safer Smarter.

In what ways does Gunamuna give back to the community?

Gunamuna is Proud Supporter of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Safe to Sleep®  campaign. We donate a portion of sales the NICHD’s Safe to Sleep Campaign to educate caregivers on safe sleep for babies, Gunamuna is active in community education, and Gunamuna donates gunapods to provide safe sleep for those babies in need.

What do you like best about partnering with Isis Parenting?

Isis Parenting has a unique relationship with their customers, providing support to new moms in a variety of ways and earning their trust, taking a sincere interest in moms/babies needs, and offering the best products available. Many moms have told me they have come to depend on Isis Parenting’s advice.

oxo-logoOxo, What is your company’s mission?

OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. Our design philosophy says it all. OXO was founded in 1990 on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of products usable by as many people as possible. For OXO, that means designing products for young and old, male and female, lefties and righties and many with special needs. The goal of making products more usable forces us to first identify problems and inefficiencies of existing products (including our own!), not only in terms of comfort, but performance as well. This gives us the foundation to meet our commitment of making products that make a tangible improvement in peoples’ daily lives.

In what ways does Oxo give back to the community?

Today, 25% of children diagnosed with cancer will not survive. There is a direct correlation between increasing research dollars and decreasing mortality rates. Progress has been made, but we are not there yet. This year, OXO will donate up to $100,000 to support research for new and improved therapies. You can help. Bake a difference and join OXO in the movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Pediped, what is your company’s mission?

Our mission is to create stylish, comfortable, high quality footwear while providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations, every step of the way.

In what ways does Pediped give back to the community?

The pediped Foundation has given nearly $2,000,000 to children’s charities in our local community and nationwide.

What do you like best about partnering with Isis Parenting?

We are like minded companies.  We both have the consumer in the front of our minds at all times and have a strong desire to give them a quality product and create a meaningful relationship with them.

SKIP_HOP_LOGOSkip Hop, what is your company’s mission?

We love products and we love parenting. Seriously. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. By putting our passion into these two pursuits, we create unique, innovative and highly functional products that make parenting easier, better and more fun. Based in New York City, Skip Hop is available world-wide for parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives.

In what ways does Skip Hop give back to the community?

Whenever you purchase Skip Hop products, you are also helping to support the work of these great organizations: Baby Buggy, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Operation Shower

What do you like best about partnering with Isis Parenting?

Isis cares. Isis recommends only the best products and has values which have deep root which demonstrate a true passion for parenting.

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