Gift Ideas for Parents of a Premature Baby

preemieWe asked Isis Parents, “What things would you put in a gift basket for a friend with a premature baby in the NICU?” Here are some of the great ideas you suggested:

Simple Wishes pumping bra is the number one thing if they are pumping, Medela Steam bags for sanitizing pump parts, snacks like bars for easy eating, Amazon gift card for buying Kindle books to read while pumping and sitting, little preemie outfit/pjs – was nice to dress them like you would if they were home. ~ Ali P.J.

Gift certificate for a restaurant near the hospital. ~ Lauren H.

Gift basket? A gift card from the gas station for all the trips back and forth to the hospital. Meals they like so they have something to eat when they get home from hospital visits. Clean their house, or hire someone to do it. Offer specific help, not “Let me know if you need anything.” I don’t think parents of premature babies need more “stuff” but hands on help to assist them in abiding the months ahead! ~ Meridith P.

Gas card, offer the babysit older kids, if they have any. Good snacks… ~ Maria C.

I had a preemie in NICU for a month. My mom gave me a small, pretty notebook and fancy pens which I thought were kind of a waste-until the first time I saw Zoe in NICU and had to write everything down because I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t remember a thing. Weight changes, how much she was taking in feeding tube, the mean nurse I made a point to avoid…was invaluable to help my sanity. Also individual snacks, juice boxes, and small tissue packets because you cry a lot. And children’s books to read to your baby while she is in incubator even when you can’t hold her-a preemie mom veteran gave me some and it felt do good to be doing something mommy-like in the midst of the hospital crap. ~ Betsy F.

Grocery store gift card, or go food shopping for them and stock up their house with the essentials – fruit, bread, milk, eggs, quick food and snacks you can grab with one hand. ~ Kristen H.

Gas card, cash for the parking lot, slippers for the NICU, hand cream (washing your hands that many times dries out your hands), a pre-cooked meal that just needs to be warmed up, a house cleaner to wash laundry and dishes, a baby-sitter if other siblings. ~ Kara S.

PumpEase hands-free pumping bra and wet bag. ~ Hillary W-M.

Parking passes for the hospital garage. ~ Amy D.

Help! I had a son in NICU and what I appreciated the most is my parents helping in laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, picking up my older kid, etc. that’s exactly what I needed at the time. ~ Shahla H.

That skin to skin carrier for kangaroo care time, the NuRoo Pocket. ~ Jessica G. (a good bonus read about the NuRoo Pocket Carrier)

Nipple cream! Nursing tank, slippers, a good book, fun water bottle with a straw. ~ Kristen H.

I agree with the GC for restaurants nearby by – if they deliver that’s a plus! ~ Malka A.

NuRoo for sure. ~ Lindsay M.

Gift card to the hospital cafeteria or restaurant. Offer to sit with the baby in the hospital while mom and dad get some time at home with older siblings. Do the laundry for them. There are no TVs in the NICU so an Amazon prime video subscription (and headphones) to watch things on the phone. ~ Gretchen A.

A blanket for her and hand lotion. Slippers and fleecy pants. Also sucking candies and a baby book or journal so she can write down all the wonderful steps and progress baby is making each day. ~ Abigael Y.

Snacks, slippers, magazines, cozy pants, nice hand lotion, a token or charm they can carry with them to remind them of all those who care. ~ Nicole H-S.

Offer/coordinate rides if the mother can’t drive after a C-section. Pick up relatives/grandparents at the airport. ~ Jennifer W.

Mabel’s Labels — everything needs to be labeled so they are very important. ~ Colleen C.

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